This is a keyboard for the Khmer language made by me, based on the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. For now this is only available for Windows. Several years ago I had to abandon the QWERTY layout and switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout due to RSI that hurt my arms and fingers badly in less than 5 minutes, and thus I decided to create this layout for Khmer too. If you’re in the same situation as me, do yourself a favor and ditch QWERTY. Here’s the layout:

Khmer Dvorak keyboard layout

Khmer Dvorak keyboard layout

Notice these changes:

  • The spacebar functions are now swapped. Spacebar now gives a space directly, while Shift+spacebar now gives zero-width space.
  • Switch to the American Dvorak layout just by using Caps Lock! When Caps Lock is on, the keyboard works just like an American Dvorak layout (and gives Latin letters instead of Khmer ones).
  • Some symbols and characters are added.
  • If you have the small button next to the left Shift button on your keyboard, this button now has hyphen and underscore.

How to install:

  1. Download and extract this.
  2. Install it by running setup.exe.
  3. Restart the computer. You can now choose layout in the keyboard layout selector.

All credits to me. Feel free to drop a comment here about your experience!