If you have been messing around with servers for a while, you must have heard of FreeBSD, or any BSD at some point. It is similar to Linux in that in many cases you have only command line access with no GUI at all, and also commonly used on servers. But why is it different?… Read More

One of the main usages of a server is a web server, and Linux is the perfect OS for this purpose due to low system requirements, fast security updates, reliable performance, good security, plus it’s free and open-source. There are many web server software to choose from in Linux, but in this guide we’re using… Read More

Now that you have installed Ubuntu Server successfully, it’s time to setup SSH public key authentication, and disable the usual password login. But first thing first, let’s go through some details about SSH: Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol that runs on TCP connection with port 22, with the purpose of controlling the server using the… Read More

This is the beginning of the tech news and how-tos on this site! This post describes how you can install Ubuntu Server 16.04 on a computer (PC or Mac need not matter), as long as you meet the required specifications and how busy your site will be. In case you are doing this on a server… Read More

This is a keyboard for the Khmer language made by me, based on the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. For now this is only available for Windows. Several years ago I had to abandon the QWERTY layout and switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout due to RSI that hurt my arms and fingers badly in less than… Read More